Member-only access to webinars, advanced protocols, and practitioner and patient education.

Member-only access to webinars, advanced protocols, and practitioner and patient education.




One on One Onboarding with our Team of Experts

24/7 Access to our Network of Pharmacies

Member-only access to patient and practitioner education
Peptide and Synergistic compound dosage guides
Wholesale Pricing for the latest peptide-enhancing supplements
24/7 access to our network of pharmacies

Meet the Experts

Leonard Pastrana


Co-founder NuBioAge

Faculty Member at Seeds Scientific Research and Performance
Husband. Father. Mentor.

Franck Kacou


Co-founder NuBioAge

Fellow at Seeds Scientific Research
and Performance.
Multiple Award-Winning Compounder.
Passion for cellular medicine drives his innovative approach to compounding

Ben Sirof


Chief Information Officer

Passionate about managing the intersection where people and technology meet.
Father. Husband. Geek.

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  • Wholesale pricing for the latest supplements
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  • nuBioAge member-only access to webinars, advanced protocols, practitioner education sheets, patient education sheets

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