What happens when you register your practice with nuBioAge?

+ You will receive a confirmation email about your registration for our website. This registration allows you to order our supplements directly from our site with wholesale pricing.
+ Within the next three days, you’ll receive an email with your login to our education platform
+ Once you get your email with your login credentials, use the link in the email to schedule a time to complete your onboarding sessions with our Practitioner Liaison where we can quickly get you started with your supplement ordering.

Which states does nuBioAge work with?

nuBioAge can ship supplements to all 50 states. With access to wholesale pricing, practices can leverage these unique compounds in combination with their hormone replacement and cellular therapy programs. 

Is nuBioAge a pharmacy?

No. nuBioAge is much more. It is a group of clinical pharmacists trained in cellular medicine that bridge the gap when it comes to molecular medicine for pharmacies and practitioners. nuBioAge consults with and evaluates pharmacies for quality, fulfillment, customer service, and formulary design. nuBioAge is also a resource for practitioners on the latest research in cellular medicine and the clinical application of cellular therapy and other compounds. nuBioAge also formulates the latest cutting-edge supplementation to enhance protocols and patient outcomes.  All prescriptions from our pharmacy partners are patient specific and not dispensed by nuBioAge. Nubioage is not a pharmacy. Pharmacy registration is handled by our pharmacy partners.


How can I learn more about peptide therapy and cellular medicine?

nuBioAge partners with Seeds Scientific Research and Performance to deliver both live and virtual training in the clinical application of cellular medicine and therapy. A great way to get started is with the Cellular Therapy: Weight Loss Mastery course. nuBioAge registered practices also receive free ongoing content through email, webinars, and special discounts on conferences and virtual training.

How does nuBioAge help practitioners?

nuBioAge works closely with practitioners to help develop unique protocols and programs for their practice. We help practitioners understand the different compounds available to optimize outcomes for their patients. Anything from education to content creation to fulfillment of supplement protocols, nuBioAge is pivotal in helping practices improve patient outcomes and scale their practice.

Still have questions?

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