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AKG+ (Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate) – an intermediate molecule in the Krebs cycle which determines the overall rate of the citric acid cycle of the organism. AKG as a precursor of glutamate and glutamine is a central metabolic fuel for cells of the gastrointestinal tract as well. AKG can decrease protein catabolism and increase protein synthesis to enhance bone tissue formation in the skeletal muscles.

iCell Water™ Packets

Optimizing cell signaling through modulation of cell volume. Using neutral amino acid osmolytes and creatine to maximize cellular hydration. Revolutionizing the way we drink water.


BPC -157 is a 15 amino acid partial sequence of Body protection compound that was discovered and isolated in gastric juice. It has shown to accelerate healing in different injuries. It increases fibroblast migration and dispersal, induces F-actin formation in fibroblasts, modulates angiogenesis, and enhances vascular expression of VEGFR2. It can be neuroprotective, cardioprotective, and counteracts the QTc prolongation induced by neuroleptics. KPV is a tripeptide which has shown to attenuate the inflammatory response of colonic cells. It does this by inhibiting the activation of NF-kappaB and MAP kinase inflammatory pathways and decreasing proinflammatory cytokine secretion.


Introducing NubioAge’s DHH-B supplement, a potent and natural solution designed to support overall mental well-being. Each bottle contains 60 capsules, with each capsule delivering 15mg of DHH-B, a compound derived from the bark of the Magnolia tree. Recommended dosage of one capsule per day.

iCell Water™

Optimizing cell signaling through modulation of cell volume. Using neutral amino acid osmolytes and creatine to maximize cellular hydration. Revolutionizing the way we drink water.

Performance Collagen™

Collagen is a critical component of many different aspects of the human body. Almost 30% of the total body’s protein consists of collagen. There are 2 mechanisms that the body utilizes collagen via stimulating cell metabolism and increasing specific amino acids for collagen synthesis.


LeuSynergy is a supplement that activates proteins called SIRTUINS by enhancing the cell’s use of the longevity molecule NAD+. This compound works specifically on SIRT-1 to control cell signaling to improve fat oxidation, mitochondrial density, enhance the internal antioxidant system, and decrease inflammation. LeuSynergy mimics the same pathways associated with exercise and calorie restriction. This combination of amino acids and polyphenols enhances glucose control, fat loss, and energy.

Sytrinol® LNA

As an alternative to statins, it leverages the synergy of leucine and nicotinic acid with polymethoxylated flavones and tocotrienols to improve lipid biomarkers, fat oxidation, and circadian rhythms. SIRT genes are targeted due to their signaling to regulate fat oxidation, mitochondrial function, inflammatory cytokines, and antioxidant pathways. SIRT genes depend on NAD+ levels to be activated through AMPK’s nutrient-sensing capabilities. This axis between SIRT1/NAD+/AMPK is the focus of Sytrinol® LNA and its ability to improve metabolism and dyslipidemia.


Butyrate prodrug, tributyrin, is proven to overcome the pharmacokinetic drawbacks of butyrate supplementation. Butyrate can epigenetically regulate gene expression. nuButyrate has the only regulatory compliant tributyrin on the market clinically substantiated to be bioavailable in the colon and to show improvement in boosting butyrate-producing bacteria. Butyrate has been shown to neutralize reactive oxygen species by the overexpression of glutathione peroxidase, causing the inhibition of NF-kB, leading to the activation of antioxidant enzymes and impairing inflammatory genes. nuButyrate is crucial to immune, gut, and metabolic health.


Apigenin is a flavonoid shown to influence weight, inflammation, and insulin resistance by altering the gut microbiota. Apigenin supplementation was shown to restore the richness and diversity of the gut microbiota.  Apigenin inhibits CD38, a key enzyme involved in the age-related decline of NAD+. CD38 is responsible for NAD decline and mitochondrial dysfunction. CD38 also metabolizes the NAD precursor NMN and modulates the response to NAD-replacement therapy

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