LeuSynergy is a supplement that activates proteins called SIRTUINS by enhancing the cell’s use of the longevity molecule NAD+. This compound works specifically on SIRT-1 to control cell signaling to improve fat oxidation, mitochondrial density, enhance the internal antioxidant system, and decrease inflammation. LeuSynergy mimics the same pathways associated with exercise and calorie restriction. This combination of amino acids and polyphenols enhances glucose control, fat loss, and energy.


• Leucine 1.1 grams
• Resveratrol 50mg
• Pyroxdine 15mg

Recommended Use

Take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets 90 minutes after lunch.

Down Stream Effects of SIRT-1 Activation

+ Leucine activates SIRT-1 by changing the amount of NAD+ needed
+ Low doses of Leucine between 1.0 and 1.5 grams were able to activate SIRT-1 without concom

Synergy with Leucine and SIRT-1/AMPK Activators to Modulate Nutrient Sensing

Leucine 1.1g/Pyridoxine 15mg BID vs Placebo

24-week Placebo Controlled Trial

+ Loss of waist circumference vs placebo at 4 weeks
+ 82% more weight loss vs placebo at 12 weeks
+ 2x the fat tissue loss vs placebo

Leucine 1.1g/Resveratrol 50mg BID vs Placebo

Pre-Diabetics Subjects Randomize

+ Improved insulin and glucose levels 60 minutes post-oral glucose tolerance test
+ Improved insulin and glucose dynamic
+ improved insulin resistance

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