Sytrinol® LNA


As an alternative to statins, it leverages the synergy of leucine and nicotinic acid with polymethoxylated flavones and tocotrienols to improve lipid biomarkers, fat oxidation, and circadian rhythms. SIRT genes are targeted due to their signaling to regulate fat oxidation, mitochondrial function, inflammatory cytokines, and antioxidant pathways. SIRT genes depend on NAD+ levels to be activated through AMPK’s nutrient-sensing capabilities. This axis between SIRT1/NAD+/AMPK is the focus of Sytrinol® LNA and its ability to improve metabolism and dyslipidemia.


Sytrinol® 300mg
   + Nobiletin: Tangerentin 270mg
   + Tocotrienols 30mg
• Leucine 1,100mg
• Nicotinic Acid 75mg

Recommended Use

Take 3 capsules with dinner daily.


+ A patented combination of polymethoxylated flavones and tocotrienols.
+ Nobiletin was shown to increase hepatic fatty acid oxidation, decrease
fatty acid synthesis and decrease inflammatory gene transcription factors. (1)
+ Nobiletin was found to enhance circadian rhythms to protect against
metabolic syndrome. (2)
+ Tocotrienol similar to statins work on HMG-CoA reductase. (4)
+ Human trials with Sytrinol® showed a decrease in LDL, Triglycerides,

Sytrinol® Clinical Study Results

Leucine and Nicotinic:

+ Leucine at low doses (1.0-1.5g) was found to activate SIRT-1 by
lowering the km of NAD+. Improving endogenous NAD+ utilization. (3)

+ Low dose leucine was found to decrease nicotinic acid dose by 95% and still get same therapeutic outcomes without the side effects. (4)

+ Leucine and nicotinic acid works on the same mechanisms as caloric restriction and exercise to activate the SIRT/NAD+/AMPK axis to improve vasodilation, lower lipids, and decrease inflammation and foam cell production. (4)

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2. He B, Nohara K, Park N, Park YS, Guillory B, Zhao Z, Garcia JM, Koike N, Lee CC, Takahashi JS, Yoo SH, Chen Z. The Small Molecule Nobiletin Targets the Molecular Oscillator to Enhance Circadian Rhythms and Protect
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Understanding Supplement Synergies

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