The only cellular medicine development resource that partners with forward-thinking medical practitioners to improve patient outcomes through optimized health solutions.

NuBioAge believes that everyone should be informed and capable of proactively enhancing their own health and longevity. Through our ability to combine science, technology and genuine care for others, we’re able to provide optimized health and wellness protocol solutions for the medical community. Our mission to challenge traditional medicine through optimized therapeutic solutions and compounds is driven by our desire to educate and pave the way for others to take charge of their life and change the way they depend on the medical industry as a whole. Optimized living is achievable through the right tools and dedication to becoming your best self.

Leonard Pastrana

Dr. Leonard Pastrana received his Pharm. D from Palm Beach Atlantic University. He specializes in cellular optimization medicine and has multiple certifications in peptide therapy from the American Academy of Anti-aging and Seeds Scientific Research and Performance. Dr. Pastrana is a faculty member and one of only six certified clinical instructors from Seeds Scientific research and performance. He is currently the only Pharmacist to have this honor. Dr. Pastrana is also the head supplement formulator for multiple companies, including nuBioAge.

Dr. Pastrana uses cell signaling molecules while leveraging wearables, exercise science, and nutrition for healthspan optimization. Leonard works closely with compound pharmacies to develop the latest researched-backed cellular medicine formularies. His passion is helping practitioners implement programs and treatment plans to optimize patient outcomes.

Dr. Pastrana created nuBioAge to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice. He is producing a resource for practitioners to dive deeper into the cellular mechanisms behind optimized health. During his time as a retail pharmacist, he saw the consequences of using prescription medications as a band-aid instead of addressing the underlying cause. While Dr. Pastrana is a Pharmacist, his goal remains to leverage nutrition, exercise, and short-term use of supplements and compounds to get people off prescription medications when possible.

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